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If you cant control Covid19!, Can you really make a vaccine?

Worlds 1st USPTO PATENT "COVID-19 TREATMENT" and Viral Diseases


Carbanion Mammal Lungs TPP57523 "Covid19 Treatment and Viral Control"

$20 for 9 "Covid19 Treatment" When Approved by FDA!
Carbanion Mammal TPP57859 Lungs Fungi, Bacteria, Virus Insect Control
Carbanion Mammal TPP57860 Skin Fungi, Bacteria, Virus, Insect Control
Carbanion Agriculture TPP57858 Protection of Fungi, Bacteria, Insects,Insects Control
Carbanion Agriculture Soil Remediation, Increase MicroSiements, Fertilizer Recovery
Carbanion Agriculture Crop Production, Translocation, ERGS, Chorophyll ++
Carbanion Cleaing Products and Chemical Replacement

Like Pam Marrone once said "Its time for a Clean Break", No More, bacteria, fungi, virus and insects, the cause of sickness. In the future wont need family doctors. We would like the elimination the shortage of doctors shortage world-wide and replace them with AI Doctors and PA's, like we started at Temple University in 1973

Now medicines are just "Active Ingredient", No more, that is obsolete with never ending "gravy train" treatments. It's time for new thinking, and cure and no more return visits to the doctors. We just dont have enough doctors!

Biobased USA has developed a, "Active Elements"and tested it for 20 years. As we have completed our patent searches successfully. Now we are starting the provisional patent process for "Active Elements" for Products Medical, Agriculture and Cleaning, Etc, Etc, Etc. using a single atom. Which will take about 20 days. So, we are in Silent Period. And then we will tell you when quiet has been lifted, So check back in few weeks for some good news. If we are denied we will sell the product as a trade secret or open source. We can replace and via translocation can improve over 25,000 to 50,000 products. We have presented this to some of the best science universities in the USA. They all stated this will eliminate millions of jobs in R & D in government, universities and business. Using physical chemistry they stated would eliminate research into molecule based products. Some countries in the world will use this technology for world dominance of products to world markets. We are looking at price reductions for medicines like virus at bulk prices .10 cents per treatment of 15 sextillion atoms. We are 2 generations at 10 to 12th ahead of current product technology 10 to 6th.

This website is about active Ingredients elimination in Medical, OTC, Therapeutics, Agriculture and Cleaning products. The benefits are a cost reducing, no side effects, and less than a week curing vs 5 months of treatment.

There is no reason for an active Ingredients in at 25,000 liquid products. We have been testing against traditional product without them for years and based on testing at Amity University-India Arizona State University Asia Medical and Agriculture Laboratory R&D center Auburn University Australian Bio-Security-Australia Botanical Gardens-Brunei Cornell University Delta College-India Euro-fins Florida State Bio-Control Facility Genetic ID GMO Testing Hulst Research Farm Services Iowa State University Louisiana State University Maryland Agriculture Department Michigan State University Midwest Laboratories Mississippi State University Molecular Biology Group-Canada North Carolina A&T North Carolina State University Ohio State University Oregon State University Panama Organic Fertilizer Certificate Panama Organic Pesticide Certification Pennsylvania State University Raviv Gandhi University Republic of the Panama Republic of the Philippines Rutgers University S&R Consulting SGS Laboratory Shanxi Agriculture University-China Soil Foodweb Institute South Dakota State University South Vietnam Foods-Vietnam State of Florida State of Maryland Syngenta Greensboro Texas A&M University Thailand FDA Registration-Thailand Tien Giang Agricultural Center-Vietnam Tien Giang Food Company - Vietnam University of Florida University of Georgia University of Guelph-Canada University of Kentucky University of Madras-India University of Massachusetts University of Miami University of Nebraska Lincoln University of Tennessee Vietnam Government - MARD-Vietnam Wellab-Hong Kong

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I would not take a science class in a university for free, It will dummy down you and you never recover!

Thomas Cardinal Wolsey 1471-1530 Said! “Be very, very careful what you put in that head, because you will never, ever get it out. You will have lost the ability for critical thought and questioning, and just be part of some industries wanted brain washed "GROUP THINKERS". Knowing nothing when you thought you new everything!

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